Top 7 Benefits of Rainscreen Cladding

Rainscreen cladding refers to an external wall that consists of panels over an airtight insulated backing wall, with a ventilation cavity separating it. It has been around for centuries in various forms although it was in the late 20th century when it started being a common fixture in homes and buildings. Rainscreen cladding is primarily used for protecting structures from condensation and rain water.

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Rainscreen cladding systems are made from different materials such as ceramic, fiber cement, laminate board, UV-resistant timber, stone, metal, ceramic, terracotta, recycled glass, or composites. Rainscreen cladding is even available in several different systems using different insulation materials that suit any budget or needs.

Here are the top 7 benefits of rainscreen cladding:

1. Easy Installation/Minimal Disruption

Rainscreen cladding is designed to be installed in a quick and simple way. It is installed directly onto the external walls, which means that it does not cause any disruption to the inside of the building. The benefit of this is clear is apparent in situations where it is applied to older buildings that require insulating and updating. It can be installed with little to no disruption to the occupants of the building.

2. Maintenance

If you add rainscreen cladding to the exterior wall of a building, you can slow or stop the deterioration of materials that would be otherwise exposed to the elements. This can help you avoid costly repairs in the future and extend the life of a building. The use of lightweight materials for the framework and panels means that the extra load applied to the existing structure is minimal. The panels can be removed easily so that the structure’s condition can be monitored as and when required.

3. Thermal Insulation

Rainscreen cladding is an inexpensive method of improving thermal insulation in any building without any loss of floor space, as is the case with internal insulation. Cold bridging is reduced, and this helps to lower the energy running costs. The reduced cold bridging also reduces the chances of condensation, which provides a more enjoyable environment for living or working in.

4. Enhanced Acoustic Performance

The extra layer that rainscreen cladding provides serves to enhance the acoustic performance of a building. This means that the occupants of the building are less likely to hear noises from outside while the sounds from the building’s interior are quietened to those outside.

5. Improved External Appearance

You can significantly improve the appearance of an existing building by adding a new skin. This is a great way to modernize an existing building or ensure that a new building is in-line with the buildings in the surrounding area.

6. Versatility

The number of rainscreen cladding options available is staggering, which means that regardless of your budget or design you will never lack an option to suit your needs. You can commission anything from complete bespoke solutions to standard systems in different materials. There are also lightweight options that allow materials such as stone to be used with lightweight modern construction methods. It is a very cost-effective and versatile way to add a new dimension to a building project.

7. Sustainability

Rainscreen cladding makes environmental sense in 2 ways. First, the thermal insulation means that less energy is required for heating the property. Second, updating a building using this approach as opposed to using a new build means that less energy and fewer materials are used during construction.

The Bottom Line

Rainscreen cladding is a fantastic addition to any building and offers many amazing benefits as clearly outlined in this article. If you would like to enjoy these benefits, you should try it out.

Tips And Ideas For Loft Conversions

When it comes to home remodeling jobs, one of the most popular is a loft conversion. It’s no wonder why it’s so popular if you think about it for a few minutes. Lofts are areas of the home that see little use. Occasionally lofts are used as additional storage, but if you live in a place with a garage and a basement, then your loft is likely just sitting there empty.

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However, like any other remodeling job, you have to make certain you know what you want before you start trying to get the job set up. There are a few “basic loft conversion” set ups that contractors will use, but it’s a much better idea to know what you want when you hire them.

To that end, if you’re not sure what a loft conversion might look like, you might appreciate these ideas.

Plan For The Stairs

Unless you plan on hanging a ladder down from the loft, you’re probably going to need stairs to get up there. This is where a lot of loft conversion projects fail before they even begin. People get so excited about their new loft conversion that they don’t stop to think about whether or not their house can fit the stairs needed.

Luckily, there’s an easy enough solution for this. Namely, try using the stairs already there. Or if those stairs are old and warped (as many attic/loft stairs are soon), you could replace them with new stairs. Lastly, if you find you don’t have enough space for that (perhaps the stairs are situated in a narrow hallway, making it impossible to keep a permanent set of similarly styled stairs), you might try a spiral staircase.

The Extra Bathroom

Many loft conversion companies think only about living space, and not about utilities. This is a major problem since you’re essentially adding an entirely new bedroom to your home. If you have one extra bedroom, that means you have at least one additional person, which means you need one extra bathroom.

If you plan for a bathroom from the get-go, then you’ll be able to plan around having it. It doesn’t need to be a large bathroom. It could be as simple as a cabinet style shower, a toilet, and a small sink and mirror. Just enough that someone could make the loft their living area rather than having to find a way to juggle their needs with the rest of the house.

Plan For Storage Space

One of the things people rarely consider with loft conversions is using the eaves and rafters for something beneficial. Often, these are boarded up during loft conversions. This is because it helps keep things neat and tidy, and also is an area where more insulation can be stuffed in the case of colder climates.

However, many of those spaces can instead become storage areas. The eaves could be used as cabinet spaces, and any oddly shaped corner or cranny can be fitted with a shelf of some style. This will allow you to keep more things in the loft, which in turn makes it more like a small living area. If you’re planning on renting out your loft, this will make it worth that much more per month!

Don’t Use Basic Lighting

In many cases, you won’t have to convert the lighting for a loft conversion. Between the attic windows and the light that’s already installed, you can get enough lighting that you don’t have to add more.

However, it might be beneficial to add more anyway. Or if not more, then lighting of different kinds. That way, you can set a bit more of an atmosphere in the loft. This is an excellent way to give it a more “homey” feel, rather than the attic-like feel that plagues many loft conversions. The less like an attic you make it look, the less like one it feels!

Ultimately, a loft conversion is a matter of what you need and what you think looks nice. It’s important to figure out what you want before you start, that way you can get a good idea of how much it will cost. Otherwise, you may wind up spending far more than you should!

Your Lawn, Your Pride

Everyone desires to walk outside their lawn and see that perfect turf of green. This is what most people use to judge the exterior design of a house. To be that neighbor whose lawn everyone talks about with awe, to be the one whose kids love the outside as the lawn always looks inviting, to be the one that everyone comes to for advice on how to maintain that perfect green turf. This is all possible through use of these key early spring lawn care ideas.

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1. Watering

The philosophy that “water is life” is the one always applied to lawn maintenance. As correctly said by Lubbock Plumbers, without watering, the lawn cannot be expected to grow or retain its lush green color. It is thus quite important and should be done twice every week days. Flooding should also be avoided. Watering should also be avoided for at least three days after heavy downpour. This is thus the most important of the spring lawn care tips. Lubbock Plumbers teaches these practices very well; you can learn more about them here on Facebook and Pinterest:

2. Manure and or Fertilizer

Just like human beings, lawns need the right food in the right proportions to grow. It is thus quite important to choose for yourself the right fertilizer for the job. As these soil supplements come in many brands, it is usually recommended to get advice at the shop where you are buying them or source out information from professionals. Organic fertilizers are the best in any case as they improve the richness of your soil and breaks down into the soil stricture without any negative after effects. Fertilizer is also quite important as it helps the grass outgrow the weeds preventing competition for sunlight. A spreader should always be used to achieve even application and turf growth. Nitrogenous fertilizers should always be applied on a yearly basis to ensure continued growth and soil regeneration. It should also be noted that excess fertilizer boosts grass growth while at the same time increasing its vulnerability to diseases and insects. It should be done only once each spring or fall for best results.

3. Cut grass

To keep your lawn looking vibrant and well kempt, the best method is cutting the grass regularly. This is not to be taken as a light task as it directly influences the image of your lawn. Always use a lawn mower with very sharp blades and ensure you cut only a third of the length of the grass at a time. Racking and or sweeping should be done immediately after to remove debris from the grass and prevent damage to its overall structure.

4. Proper use of insecticides and herbicides

It is recommended to do this once you see the weeds or insects invading the lawn. Premature application may affect the development of the development of the lawn. Chemicals are better off when mixed with water to be applied through sprinklers or when applied using a garden sprayer. You should always try to apply them as evenly as possible to ensure proper effectiveness of the chemicals. Dosages should always be strictly observed during dilution of the chemicals. For those in areas which are reported to receive acidic rain, it is recommended to apply lime to soil one every spring to counter its effects on soil.

5. Repair and Upkeep

Lawns are always prone to damages especially where kids are involved. Regular checkups are always recommended to ensure bare spots are noticed and rectified. The bare spot should be loosened, raked and then sown on with a few seeds. This spot should be watered regularly till it sprouts. Racking or sweeping the lawn should also be done on the regular to ensure debris is not blocking the grass from accessing sunlight which then results in yellow patches on the lawn. Big objects like toys, balls and even furniture should not be left on the lawn for too long to prevent this from happening.

To keep the lawn in great condition is quite a demanding task, it should however be done with precision in order to achieve maximum results. Following the early spring lawn care tips will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams and provide your house with a radiating atmosphere. In tasks like these, your input directly determines the nature of your output so it is better to give it your all.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas That Work

Bathroom remodeling is one of the most ideal methods for setting up a home available to be purchased. After kitchen redesigns, bathroom rebuilds are next in raising the business estimation of your home.

Bathroom remodeling thoughts require not be held for a house that is to be sold, on the other hand. You can appreciate a bathroom redesign with the assistance of of a professional plumbing company now, and realize that it will be leverage when the time comes to offer the home.


The home’s bathrooms are the rooms of substantial utilization. All things considered, they get a ton of wear and time. They likewise are seen ordinarily every day. Bathroom redesigns can keep your showers looking great and working appropriately.

Many ways you can redesign a bathroom. Here are a couple of thoughts.

1. Wall Tiles

Most builders will let you know that 4 by 4 inch wall tiles are obsolete. Supplant them with 8 by 13 inch coated earthenware tiles. The new tiles will be alluring and will help counteract mold. They will likewise keep your lower walls from being harmed by sprinkles from faucets. As a major aspect of your bathroom rebuilding, paint the upper walls, and run an embellishing outskirt of tiles between lower wall tiles and the upper, painted wall. Also ensure floor tiles are properly placed.

2. Faucets

Faucets at the sink and tub are a great spot to start a bathroom remodeling project. When thought utilitarian, faucets have get to be beautiful installations. At little cost, you can supplant yours with vintage Victorian faucets, or smooth bamboo faucets looking like the bamboo wellspring in an Asian garden. Always look for a professional plumber to do the redesigning for you.


Relocating can call for real bathroom remodeling. Supplanting it, be that as it may, is a more straightforward undertaking, and can rapidly overhaul an old bathroom. In case that you need to further overhaul your shower, think about including as a bidet. This bathroom remodeling needs consulting plumbing company for further information on how to go about it for better results.

4. Lighting

Much bathroom redesigning misses the mark regarding its objective on the grounds that overhead lighting is permitted to remain. While dampness safe can lights above tub or shower can be useful, an overhead light ought to be supplanted by divider lights to build the estimation of your shower.

5. Shower

If space permits, think about adding as a different shower to your shower region. Keep the tub for a spa-like retreat, yet introduce a shower, as well, with body splashes. In the event that you like the regular, spa thought, search for a shower that has stone encompass tile. This bathroom remodeling thought is certain to build the estimation of your home. Shower related work should always be done by plumbing company or hire a private plumber that can be trusted to deliver the best services.

6. Colors

The least difficult bathroom remodeling undertaking, and regularly a powerful one, is to change the colors in the bathroom. In the event that the bathroom rebuild is being done to build home estimation available to be purchased, maintain a strategic distance from uncommon color mixes. Apply the dependable 60-30-10 guideline to your colors: 60 percent of your bathroom ought to be a predominant color, 30 percent an auxiliary color, and 10 percent an accent color.

Bathroom remodeling thoughts are numerous on the grounds that individuals have various tastes. Diverse areas additionally motivate distinctive thoughts. Bathroom rebuilding in Lubbock, TX is certain to be not the same as bathroom remodeling in Pensacola, FL. Numerous things will come to manage on your bathroom redesigning thoughts, however at last, you ought to make something tranquil and utilitarian for you and your family.

Top 10 Ways to Add Value to Your Home in 2015

In the times of an unverifiable securities exchange and employment frailty, there’s no place like home sweet home. The key is to know where to spend. Simply in light of the fact that you place $20,000 into remodeling, it won’t essentially add that much esteem. If your house needs another rooftop, you won’t see an arrival on it for some time on the grounds that people expect the rooftop in a house they’re purchasing to be fit as a fiddle. The same can be said for your pipes and electrical frameworks. Terrible pipes will reduce its worth, however new pipes won’t essentially drive up the sticker. The way to adding worth is to concentrate on the things that are vital to purchasers, and to not over-progress. You would prefer not to have the most lavish house on the square. So if the houses in your neighborhood have concrete carports, putting resources into extravagant block pavers may not be to your greatest advantage fiscally.

home improvement 2015

Here are a few tips for how to get the best Value of Home Improvement in 2015, even in a tight land market:

More Space and Light

Inland, dim and cramped are no greater, so somewhat light goes far. If your house has fewer rooms that square the stream of normal light, you may need to consider thumping down a few dividers and opening up your floor arrangement. Open floor arrangers as a rule include consolidating your kitchen, eating and living territories into one major space that suits an easygoing lifestyle. This makes a little house feel light and breezy, giving the hallucination of a bigger living range. Open rooms make an enticing climate for exciting, on the grounds that kitchen obligations can be performed while hanging out with visitors. It’s likewise awesome for youthful families in light of the fact that it permits folks to chip away at supper while watching out for the adolescents.

Home Office

Green is in, so many organizations are searching for approaches to decrease costs and minimize their carbon foot shaped impression. Restricted is to offer working from home choices for representatives. A great many Americans telecommute, and that number develops consistently. This has made a home office to a greater extent a need than an extravagance. Making a devoted work space adds quality to your house, as well as making your work from home assessment deductible. Changing over an unused cave, sun-room or additional bedroom is an extraordinary approach to get it done from the solace of your home.


Control Appeal

If your house doesn’t look engaging all things considered, the odds are a potential purchaser will never make it inside. If the outside shading of your house is dated or blurring, painting is a decent place to begin your improvements. Pick hues and outside subtle elements that match the time of your house. Screens add appeal and profundity, however not if they’re hanging slanted or chipping paint.

Add a Sunroom

Sunrooms are an extension between your home and the outside, and are a piece of today’s prevalent “open air living” pattern that incorporates outside kitchens, fireplaces and upscale porches. Sunrooms are either unheated (three-season) or warmed (four-season) and regularly incorporate elements like basilica roofs, bay windows and tile flooring. Adding a sunroom is a moderate approach to build your home’s square footage. Truth be told, it’s regularly not as much as a large portion of the expense of adding a standard space to your home.

Add a Deck

If you think adding a sunroom is a savvy approach to expand your home’s estimation, nailing on a deck is genuinely a deal. As per Remodeling Magazine’s “Redesigning Cost versus Quality Report for 2007,” more than 85 percent of your wooden deck’s expenses can be recovered if you offer your home, contrasted and 78 percent of a restroom redesign and 68 percent of a family room addition. Ten or 20 years back, attaching on a basic wooden structure was fine. Be that as it may, today’s homeowners pine for outside living space, and are searching for something somewhat more unique than yesterday’s plain boards.


Painting is one of the slightest costly approaches to refresh and enhance your home’s look, and thus its worth. What’s more, we’re talking all over the place – your home’s inside dividers, obviously, additionally the outside: the siding, trim and related components like decks and sheds. Keep in mind to consider inside elements also. A layer of paint can do marvels to light up soiled organizers, for instance, or old framing. Previously, impartial hues were seen as the most ideal approach to make a crisp, splendid, adaptable look. In any case, today, people long for shading, so don’t be reluctant to consider an extensive variety of tones. Simply stay far from super-splendid hues, for example, hot pink or neon yellow. Don’t generally have an eye for shading? Not a perfect painter? At that point contract an expert. Painting is such a reasonable home improvement, to the point that you can likely figure out how to spend a little on an inside originator who can help select hues, and an expert painter to do the messy work.


Many homeowners don’t give much thought to their landscaping, yet a decent plan can add significantly to your home’s estimation – once in a while as much as another kitchen or shower. Have a landscape designer out to your house to survey what you’ve got and offer recommendations. Maybe making a more formal look will better match your home’s style (think geometrical shapes and straight lines), or, if your parcel goes down with heaps of trees, a forest look brimming with normal ways, local plants and loads of ground cover. There’s regularly no charge for a draftsman’s configuration if you purchase no less than a couple of things, which is well justified, despite all the trouble. Remember, as well, that landscaping is more than greenery – it incorporates lighting, wall, rock highlights, ways, lakes and then some.

Redesign Your Basement

Why add a space to your home if you’ve as of now got a vacant cellar first floor? Storm cellars can without much of a stretch be changed in entertainment rooms, saloons, media rooms or “man holes,” also additional bedrooms or rental units, if there’s a different passageway – and they acquire more cash when you in the end offer. In any case, don’t simply surge ground floor and begin pounding without end. It’s vital to verify your lower-level rebuild incorporates a restroom, as the vicinity of a washroom can drastically build its quality.


If you’ve ever lived in a house that doesn’t have enough bathrooms, then you know firsthand how important these rooms are to potential purchasers. Redesigning or adding bathrooms, particularly ace showers, will add significant worth to your house. An expert suite with his and her sinks, open showers and a lot of square footage are what purchasers are searching for. Added luxuries, for example, warmed floors, steam showers and whirlpool tubs will serve you well, and plentiful stockpiling is an absolute necessity. Conventional fired tile floors are favored over wood ground surface or tile in light of the fact that they handle water better.


Have you ever seen everybody inclines toward the kitchen amid a supper party? It’s known as the heart of the house for a justifiable reason. The attract of your kitchen to gather goers has the same worth to potential purchasers, so a kitchen rebuilds is one of the most ideal approaches to add quality to your house. A redesigned kitchen engages a purchaser’s feeling and a homeowner’s wallet on the grounds that, if done accurately, it can give you near to a 100 percent return on your venture. A lot of counter and cupboard space is an unquestionable requirement, and rock ledges are well known to purchasers. Stainless-steel apparatuses are likewise a hot ticket, yet the most imperative thing is to verify your machines all directions. A window over the kitchen sink is an incredible place to wander off in fantasy land away your dishpan hands. Island counters are radiant additions if your kitchen has the space. They give additional counter space, as well as be utilized for homework, getting a speedy chomp or a place for visitors to hang out while you cook. You can even add components like a prep sink or additional burners that will make your kitchen a culinary expert’s fantasy.

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