Your Lawn, Your Pride

Everyone desires to walk outside their lawn and see that perfect turf of green. This is what most people use to judge the exterior design of a house. To be that neighbor whose lawn everyone talks about with awe, to be the one whose kids love the outside as the lawn always looks inviting, to be the one that everyone comes to for advice on how to maintain that perfect green turf. This is all possible through use of these key early spring lawn care ideas.

lawn care improvement

1. Watering

The philosophy that “water is life” is the one always applied to lawn maintenance. As correctly said by Lubbock Plumbers, without watering, the lawn cannot be expected to grow or retain its lush green color. It is thus quite important and should be done twice every week days. Flooding should also be avoided. Watering should also be avoided for at least three days after heavy downpour. This is thus the most important of the spring lawn care tips. Lubbock Plumbers teaches these practices very well; you can learn more about them here on Facebook and Pinterest:

2. Manure and or Fertilizer

Just like human beings, lawns need the right food in the right proportions to grow. It is thus quite important to choose for yourself the right fertilizer for the job. As these soil supplements come in many brands, it is usually recommended to get advice at the shop where you are buying them or source out information from professionals. Organic fertilizers are the best in any case as they improve the richness of your soil and breaks down into the soil stricture without any negative after effects. Fertilizer is also quite important as it helps the grass outgrow the weeds preventing competition for sunlight. A spreader should always be used to achieve even application and turf growth. Nitrogenous fertilizers should always be applied on a yearly basis to ensure continued growth and soil regeneration. It should also be noted that excess fertilizer boosts grass growth while at the same time increasing its vulnerability to diseases and insects. It should be done only once each spring or fall for best results.

3. Cut grass

To keep your lawn looking vibrant and well kempt, the best method is cutting the grass regularly. This is not to be taken as a light task as it directly influences the image of your lawn. Always use a lawn mower with very sharp blades and ensure you cut only a third of the length of the grass at a time. Racking and or sweeping should be done immediately after to remove debris from the grass and prevent damage to its overall structure.

4. Proper use of insecticides and herbicides

It is recommended to do this once you see the weeds or insects invading the lawn. Premature application may affect the development of the development of the lawn. Chemicals are better off when mixed with water to be applied through sprinklers or when applied using a garden sprayer. You should always try to apply them as evenly as possible to ensure proper effectiveness of the chemicals. Dosages should always be strictly observed during dilution of the chemicals. For those in areas which are reported to receive acidic rain, it is recommended to apply lime to soil one every spring to counter its effects on soil.

5. Repair and Upkeep

Lawns are always prone to damages especially where kids are involved. Regular checkups are always recommended to ensure bare spots are noticed and rectified. The bare spot should be loosened, raked and then sown on with a few seeds. This spot should be watered regularly till it sprouts. Racking or sweeping the lawn should also be done on the regular to ensure debris is not blocking the grass from accessing sunlight which then results in yellow patches on the lawn. Big objects like toys, balls and even furniture should not be left on the lawn for too long to prevent this from happening.

To keep the lawn in great condition is quite a demanding task, it should however be done with precision in order to achieve maximum results. Following the early spring lawn care tips will help you achieve the lawn of your dreams and provide your house with a radiating atmosphere. In tasks like these, your input directly determines the nature of your output so it is better to give it your all.

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